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12 July 2012

CSO - Area, Yield and Production of Crops June 2011CSO - Area, Yield and Production of Crops June 2011

Production of the three main cereals (wheat, oats and barley) increased by 469,000 tonnes to 2,509,000 tonnes in 2011. This was mainly due to increases of 261,000 tonnes (+49.0%) in winter wheat and 108,000 tonnes (+11.0%) in spring barley.

Cereals production up 23.0% in 2011

The area of potatoes decreased by 15.1% from 12,200 hectares in 2010 to 10,400 hectares in 2011. The yield remained unchanged, thereby resulting in a decrease in production of 64,000 tonnes (-15.1%).

Further comparisons with the 2010 results indicate that:

  • Wheat production increased by 38.9% (260,000 tonnes). The yield of both winter wheat and spring wheat increased by 14.6% and 9.2% respectively and while the area of winter wheat increased by 30.0%, the area of spring wheat decreased by 9.0%.
  • Barley production increased by 15.5% (189,000 tonnes). The yield of both winter barley and spring barley increased by 7.1% and 11.9% respectively and while there was an increase in the area sown of winter barley (+24.3%) the area of spring barley decreased (-0.8%).
  • Oilseed rape production increased by 99.1% (28,000 tonnes). This was due to an increase in both the area sown (+55.3%) and the yield (+28.6%).

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