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16 July 2012

CSO Reports - Cereals Supply Balance July 2012CSO Reports - Cereals Supply Balance July 2012

Irish self-sufficiency in cereals has increased to 74% in 2010/2011 from 71% in 2009/2010.

Wheat production decreased by 3% or 21,000 tonnes and barley production decreased by 0.3% or 4,000 tonnes. Oats production in 2010/2011 was 1.4% or 2,000 tonnes up on 2009/2010 levels.

A comparison of the 2010/2011 results with 2009/2010 shows that (see Table 1 in further report):

  • Total cereal imports decreased by 14.2% or 155,000 tonnes. Imports of wheat decreased by 11.2% or 81,000 tonnes while oat imports remained unchanged and barley imports fell by 19.8% or 72,000 tonnes.
  • Total cereal exports increased by 16.7% or 47,000 tonnes. Oats exports recorded an increase of 353.8%, or 46,000 tonnes. Barley exports decreased by 1.8%, or 1,000 tonnes, while wheat exports increased by 0.9%, or 2,000 tonnes.

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